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In the beginning …

Damascus Gate, Jerusalem Old City

Damascus Gate, Jerusalem Old City

In May 2013 Yvonne and I went on a group pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  Our first days were spent in and around Jerusalem, and the second half around Galilee.  The pilgrimage was led by our Bishop, Stephen Conway, the Bishop of Ely and by the Revd Maureen Allchin of McCabe Pilgrimages.  There was a lot to take in: Israel and Palestine are places of contrasts, some having aspects that speak to our deepest emotions, so rather than try to keep a daily blog I decided to wait until I got home and allow time for reflection.  And so this blog has been created.

One of our group, Trevor, did blog daily and his reflections are at The Cross and The Cosmos <http://tinyurl.com/k4ddmbd>.

So, on with the travelogue!